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Vidova gora (778 m)

The highest peak on the Adriatic Vidova gora on the island of Brac is the highest mountain (778 m) of the Adriatic islands and one one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Adriatic From the top there is a spectacular view of the neighboring island of Hvar, the northern part of the island and the Golden Horn. You can hike to the top, the ascent takes about 2.5 hours. The hiking trails are marked and it is not difficult to find your way around. The marking in Bol starts at the church of Our Lady of Karmela, leads over the access road to Bol and continues through the abandoned hamlet of Podborje and the karst terrain to the top

Vidova Gora can be reached by car on an asphalt road that starts on the Knezevravan plateau Nerezija as the main approach. There is also a parking lot, from there it is only a few minutes to the top.

Dragon Cave near Murvica

Zmajeva splja is located near Murvica, not far from Zlatni rog in the south of the island. In the dragon's cave there is an impressive dragon relief. The monks of the region once mixed Christian customs with pagan ones stories, resulting in fairy tales about legendary creatures such as elves and dragons. By hiking from the village of Murvica, you can reach the 20 m long Dragon Cave in 30 minutes.

Pustinja Blaca (cave monastery)

The historic monastery complex Pustinja Blaca is located on the southern part of the island of Brač. The complex was built by monks who had to flee to the island after the Turkish attack on the mainland. This is why the cave monastery is somewhat hidden in the interior of the island. The complex also houses a museum for anyone interested in the history of this region. The hike to the monastery complex takes about an hour.

Dominican monastery near Bol
The Dominican monastery near Bol, built in 1475, is located in a fantastic location on the rocks of Glavica directly next to the sea. In addition, the complex is surrounded by two impressive dream beaches "White House" and "Martinica". The monastery has a museum where, among other things, collections of coins are exhibited and art treasures taken out of the sea. The monastery garden, located between the monastery and the sea, is an oasis of peace.